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An odd experience



I was watching an episode of the Big Bang Theory today and I nearly went catatonic.

In the episode (season 3, episode 13) the main characters' apartment is robbed.

When I was young, I cannot remember how old anymore, our family went on a month long driving vacation around the continental US. I never enjoyed such things but it wasn't as bad as it could've been. Until we got home.

When we arrived home, we discovered that the kitchen window had been forced open and we had been robbed. The police came and we filled out a report and nothing was ever resolved, the robbers never caught.

Since that day, I have developed an almost inhuman need to be near my home at all times and I refuse to go on vacation anywhere for fear of being robbed again. I also make sure that if I do go somewhere, I take as many valuables with me as possible.

This was also around the time I decided to start collecting weaponry.

I had never been the victim of a crime before. And, really, I don't think I've been the victim of a crime since, but seeing that on a show I can normally rely on for being whimsical and absurdist was unexpected. I feel as though I'm becoming paranoid and I don't want to leave the house tomorrow.

I hate this.

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I can see how such an experience (your robbed home) can lead to such a phobia. (By the way, I was quite anxious as a child about being robbed, althought our flat never was - it was olny because of movies!) But I'm sure it's possible to work with it in your therapy and ovecome it. Wish you good luck!

By the way, I like the Big Bang Theory, too :)...

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