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Baby Steps



Well, I have an appointment to see a lawyer on Tuesday. Yet another tiny step forward.

My wife replied to the e-mail telling her that I had changed the auto-deposit. So far, the exchanges haven't really been negotiations, but in some ways, something's better than nothing.

My brother suggested that I might be able to borrow my Dad's car instead of getting one of my own, which I will have to explore. At least it would allow me to postpone the big step of buying a car.

So, now I have another weekend to get through. The trick is for me to stay positive through so much uninterrupted alone-time with no work distraction. Since I'm on foot, it's hard to do any of the things I still have to do, like find a car and an apartment. I guess I could look at it as time I can spend taking care of myself, for a change. What a concept.


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Hi, Im new here and I don't know to much about your story but makes me happy to read that you are trying so hard to start a new life and that even not easy you are there and for those of us that think it is impossible to start you story makes me think one day I will be able to cross that line and start living a new life.

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Nothing's impossible, Manuela.

Of course, lots of things are hard. :-)

I wouldn't have been able to do anything if I hadn't asked for help. Both therapy (in the past) and from my family, in the present.

One of the biggest problems is that depression has a way of changing the way a person looks at the world. Without feedback from supportive other people to change those fixed ideas, it can be very hard even to imagine a better life. Lots of friends, even though they're trying to help, don't know how to do this. That's where a therapist can be a big help.

It's a place to start, anyway.

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