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Some ways I use to deal with constant anxiety



My constant anxiety and mental fatigue that I feel overwhelm me, after realizing that I have been cheated by my ex. It hurts terribly and somehow my panic attacks after the divorce don't seem to subside.

Yet I have decided to list out some stress-reduction techniques I have used to help dissipate this anxiety in an attempt to allow readers to get ideas to develop positive coping skills that suit themselves. It is also a reminder for me to create my List of Coping Skills and Activities to help myself whenever I am down in the dumps.

1) Aromatherapy Tub bath with meditation music: Warm bubble bath (tub bath) with aromatic oils with Skellig soothing music playing in the background. Sometimes practice deep breathing in the tub during intense anxiety.

2) Guided meditation tapes (These really work for me)

3) Regular exercise. Since my brisk walks were getting too irregular I joined a gym recently so it would motivate me to go esp. since I've paid for it.

4) Skills Development (Piano): Planning to buy a piano and start learning piano. It had been my dream since childhood to learn piano but I somehow never got to do it. This time I shall give it a shot since I have more time on my hands.

5) Reading novels: Reading is a good hobby and it feels good to read books that transport you into the writer's world, away from your own troubles for a change.

Shall keep adding to the list as I remember and think of new ideas. Hope this helps others too. Feel free to add your ideas to this list. Thanks!

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