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Feeling better again



Starting to feel more motivated, at least less overwhelmed. Taking advantage of my newfound momentum to get some stuff done that I had been procrastinating. Still having a lot of paranoia though. Feeling overwhelmed by number of projects I need to handle & multiple things lost within my apt.

I think my mood improvement has to do with drastically reducing alcohol and upping wellbutrin to 450mg/day. I had been taking 2 drinks/night because that is the recommended intake for men to get the health benefit, and it sure helped me sleep. Pdoc said to keep with only 2-3 drinks a night but not to drink more days/wk than I do drink. First week of that I didn't drink for 6 nights and then had 4 beers on Friday. Only had one beer last night so on average I am perfectly within the 2-3 drink limit. But it is very difficult to not drink at night. Need to keep in mind the benefits & find something else to do that still doesn't keep me awake.

Getting off the PC 2 hrs before bed does seem to help, need to keep experimenting with this.


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