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NOT Feel!



is the decision I make from the last entry.

Ever been bitten by a pissed off and frightened cat?!

I cried it hurt so damn bad!

If you ever are, which I so hope you never are....but if you are.....scrub with a stiff nail brush with antibacterial soap until it bleeds.

That's after you have regained some composure from the bite.

Afterwards...make a paste out of epsom salt. Soak bandage with wet paste of epsom salt. Place on bite, and wrap up with saran wrap and stretch tape guaze. Leave on all night. Remove and soak in hot water and epsom salt.

Helps, but you still will NOT want to feel. That is unless you want to know how it feels, and in that case lay your hand on a sturdy surface and take a hammer and pound your hand..just once as hard as you can. That's after the bite.

I can't describe to you how the actual bite feels, and it's not because it hurt so bad I did "NOT feel" it..unfortunately.

Gotta go because I'm missing a finger and feeling a sore hand.

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MMM (aka Malign)said:

"I actually think that this entry contains the true answer to your "To feel or not" entry, but it's not what you think (well, okay, it's not what you said you think). The way I look at it, that cat bite is the physical-world analog for your emotional-world question. You tried to do something good for someone (-thing); for some reason, they didn't understand and hurt you; and there really wasn't anything you could do about it except treat the wound and wait for it to heal and stop hurting so much. In particular, at no point was it possible to choose not to feel the pain.

Now, none of this says you have to enjoy the pain (that's an entirely different disorder ;-), but if you can accept it and keep doing good, think how much power that gives you.

Granted, there was and always is a choice whether to try to do good at all. However, 1) there's no guarantee that people won't hurt you even when you're _not_ trying to help, and 2) there's a huge price to pay in terms of who you are, if you decide to stop doing good.

I think you could look at it this way, instead: Yes, it hurt like hell, but that didn't last forever, and you may even have learned from it how to minimize the risk, without eliminating it entirely by not even trying.

Maybe I could be a preacher, or join the Optimists Club. ;-)"

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