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Apathetic past few days, except for frustration. More wall-gazing activity. New development is decreased libido, which bothers me from a standpoint of feeling secure in my masculinity, but my partner is halfway round the world so in a sense it's more convenient.

Been taking about 112.5 mg (2.25 50mg pills) for that time. Strong lethargy in the morning and shaking hands, also numbness in hands. Going to try going back down to 100 tonight.

Nervous about seeing pdoc tomorrow. I'm afraid she'll not support my desire to get off mood stabilizer. She has been pretty uncompassionate the whole time I've been going; I just don't want to switch because that 30-45 minute intake meeting is so expensive. But this Seroquel is destroying my performance. If she won't support my desire to avoid being a vegetable then that would be the last straw.


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