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So much better today



Went to meditation group today, helped a lot.

Finding my sense of humor is back and more patient with myself. Less anxious but easily startled/annoyed so some irritability, which is normal for me.

Not as dragged down by the meds because I only took 100mg last night, leaving a two day average of 125/night. I still feel like my mind is weighed down though. Appetite is minimal, didn't eat breakfast and got a big lunch thinking I felt hungry but was full by the time I took the third bite. Sort of forced myself to eat something but gave up. Had no problem with the root beer though - guess my body only wants sugar atm.

Fingers are shaking a little bit. I hope that will wear off when I finally get off this med. I did wake up in the middle of the night last night but went back to bed okay. I got some Valerian root stuff to help me sleep. It's the only thing I've ever taken for sleep that didn't net me a hangover the next day.

It feels like depression is more or less contained for right now. It's still in the background but I can pull myself out of it instead of being overwhelmed. Hope this continues. :)

Seems like lethargy wears off around 1830. Felt like I could use a nap for the majority of the afternoon but now I am really, really awake. Possible rebound; will continue to observe.


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