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Move Prep



Well, preparations for moving back to the house that I co-own with the wife are proceeding "apace", which in this case means "far too fast for comfort". Seriously, it's inevitable; it's just a fairly large amount of work for what feels like a giant step backwards.

She won't be there, of course: she moved out a few months ago. I'm moving back because it's a considerable savings, but more importantly, because someone has to be there for us to maintain insurance on it.

I don't like the idea. There are a fair amount of bad memories there, and it makes me "responsible" for its maintenance (even more than before.)

I think the worst part is that I won't feel completely secure: even if I re-keyed all the locks, as co-owner she would have right to do the same. So, while I'm away at work every weekday, everything I own will be in the house, at her disposal. It's true that I would have legal recourse, after the fact, if she messed with any of it. But that would be small consolation. And at any moment, if she decided to move back to the house, I would have no option but to move out. I won't ever sleep under the same roof with her again.

Anyway, that's all background information. What I have to do tonight is go over there and make it ready for me to move in on Saturday. She left food in the refrigerator, and miscellaneous small items scattered around. I'll have to throw out the expired food, clean a sink for me to brush my teeth in, make sure I have a toilet and a shower that work, check that the clothes washer and dryer are working. It shouldn't take long to do the minimum that's needed, an hour or so.

It's just that, given the situation, it won't be easy.


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Does this mean things are moving along to finally disolve the marriage or is it truly a step backward??? I so wish for you to be able to move on with your life. This seems like too much of a weight to have to carry :)

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Well, in the broader sense, it's a small step along the forward road, or I wouldn't do it. You could look at it as a withdrawal, in order to advance better from there. It's just hard to look up that much farther.

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