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Better tonight



Feeling better tonight. Went through a few hours of paranoia, anxiety, and guilt from about 1500-2100. Stomach queasy from 1800-2100. Glad I was not driving. Last night was much worse. Still a little jittery, but also feel this serene feeling, probably because the end of Seroquel is in sight.

Only difference is that I used some nutritional supplements to help my brain, namely acetyl-l-carnitine, phosphatidyl serine, and inositol. Not sure if cause or correlation, but the fingers shaking has stopped too. :(

Choosing emotional suffering over cognitive deterioration. Seroquel 25mg, Xanax from old script .5mg to help sleep. Limited supply of Xanax, will try benadryl and higher amounts of exercise over the weekend. Plus alcohol, which I know is not good for sleep yet it has helped with the Seroquel side effects, paradoxically.


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