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Worried about mom



My mom has been diagnosed with a large mass like a napkin-folding in her transverse colon. I'm worried as hell!!! I cant live without either of my parents. They are the only ones I have. I truly hope it is just a harmless piece of mass which can be treated easily and not a tumor.

God help!


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I'm sorry... :D I think I know how you feel; my mum had two times in a year (2 years ago) "a tumour" and so undergone surgery, but, fortunately, it was not malign in any of the cases...

I hope your mom will be OK soon...


L. :)

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Lala *hug* Thanks for replying. Investigations still in progress. Shall get the final report today. The CEA report, stool tests and hemoglobin report are normal, thank GOD! for that. Keeping my fingers crossed for the CT Scan report which I shall get today evening. Praying that all is fine and the mass is some harmless fibroids or polyps.

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Thank God theres no tumor. But there are polyps, a cyst and fat stranding in her colon which needs to be removed by colonoscopy. How I miss my ex-husband badly now!!! :D

He's an expert in these kind of procedures and when I need him the most, he's gone from my life forever. I guess its worth going to doctor and getting it done and not thinking about my ex even in times like this. But I'm only human :) :) :(

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I'm happy for you and your mom!!! Ii know this all sounds bad, too, but... after removing it, there should not be a problem, at least not such as in case of a tumor. It surely IS worth going to doctor and getting it done!!!

Do you really think your husband could help her more than her doctor? I just... want to point out that... maybe you only idealise the situation "if he was there with you" because of your emotions, but in reality there is no big difference, or maybe it's even better this way (who knows?)...

Good luck!! :P

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Lala3, He did help though even if it was over the phone. Life has been really strange! His aunt was admitted in the next room as my mom in the same hospital on the same day and I met all his relatives. So he called up to find out what was wrong with my mom. He guided me through the entire process of diagnostic procedures, the details of the procedures, surgery to follow, costing, meds everything! The treating doc is always too busy and not available to answer all patient queries. Ya maybe I idealize him knowing that he's a doc himself but he did help... which was v surprizing considering that he verbally abused my entire family while I was married to him. Guess I get emotional talking about him, though I know its over and I don't regret the decision because of all that happened. But I cant help wondering that life would have been better esp to handle my mom's illness had he been a part of my life.

And mom has a benign tumor in her stomach which was safely removed BUT the growth in her colon is malignant :):o :o Luckily its just the beginning and I'm glad I got on with her treatment with the docs immediately but all this is too stressful to handle. I dont know what more to say.... except that thanks for being there... and for listening

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