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What the hell?



St. Augustine says: "fettered by the flesh's morbid impulse and lethal sweetness, i dragged my chain but was afraid to be free of it."

The young child says: 'what the hell is he talking about?"

The athiest says: 'what the hell is he talking about?"

Bill mahr says: 'what the hell is he talking about?'

Richard Dawkins says: 'what the hell is he talking about?'

The pagan/ecofeminist/biocentrist says: ' the flesh is beautiful, it is life, it is god, why do you drag it when you can hold it up high?'

The rationalist/ empiricist says: ' you'll be free when you stop speaking nonesense and understand how the lock on the chain works.

The cathoholic priest says: - Augustine, you are a saint, then tells the rationalist that unlocking the chain will not be a feat of engineering.

The buddhist says: - Agustine, you will be free when you love your chain.

The weedman: He doesn't say anything but somehow he believes he knows where everyone is coming from.

Anyone reading this is saying: What the hell?


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