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Why Isn't Life Pleasureable



I'm trying to think what went wrong. What is Life just to exist? It's not a pity party but I wonder why why & what the hell is it for. No trusting pushing new meds. Trying to deal with new therapist which I gave her an attitude Wednesday. Why is my mind just not working anymore as I want it. Very secluded want to enter the other part that I am but can't it won't let me. Probably because there is no soul to come back to. Because it was taken and gone never to return


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Im sorry for your hurt Leo :(

So you gave your therapist attitude on wednesday ? What happened ?, You know sometimes therapists do rather back ya into a corner, and leave you with little choice but to express yourself in a way you wouldnt normally (hmmm, think maybe Im talking about myself there - oops :o)

I kinda feel like life is a mere existance lately - so if you work out how to make it feel like living again - please let me know :)


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I love the picture it is sooooo cuteeeee. I just am getting like I just live day to day hr. by hr. second to second. I know life is a bitch but it's as the saying goes I guess it's what you want out of it and how to make it. Well been here done it and seriously over it. Therapist I jumped her shit because she acts like she knows me and I told her what I was about some but I had a serious bad attitude. I want a break from everything but yeah when in this life will that happen??

Take care Sue [[[HUGS]]]

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Hi Leo,

Hun, I can relate to feeling like your just getting by day to day, hr to hr. Infact with me lately its more amazement that Ive made it a whole day and gotten onto the next one :o Im sorry things are so flipping harsh for you lately :(

My fav saying at the mo is 'Lifes a bitch, then ya become one' and I half expected to see that when I was reading your comment. (yeah you didnt need to know that) I aint really helping here am I - ooops.

Hope your weekend brings you a little peace from your worries hun. {{{{hugs}}}} Take care


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