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I guess I should try to explain a bit about why I'm here. I find it a bit hard to explain myself most of the time, but here goes nothing.

I have a hard time knowing where I stand in most social relationships, and had trouble relating to people that I don't know well. Even with my own family, I often feel like interacting with people is a difficult and overwhelming task. I don't have the same problem with my fiancee, or dealing with customers at my job, but somehow it feels like in those situations different rules apply and I know what I'm doing.

I have always felt just a bit off, different. I don't know what it is about me that bothers people, but they often avoid me, and call me weird. I can't really argue with being called weird, I'm 21 and I still talk to what is best described as an imaginary friend. He has a name, backstory, and full life. He's from an entirely different world that exists only inside of my head, and I spend a good deal of my pre-teen to teenage life imagining that we were off adventuring in that other place.

I'm female, and I suppose, quite feminine. I like kittens, an knitting, cooking, I do my make up most days ect., but for the most part I can't relate to women. I can't really realte to men all that well either. I feel more like I'm gender neutral, and just live like a woman because it's easier than trying to explain that I don't really feel like anything.

I guess that's quite enough for now. I look foreward to speaking with all of you out there, and maybe I'll find the answers I'm looking for on here.


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It's not hard knowing where you stand: that's you over there! :-)

Okay, wiseass, I know, but with a meaningful intention. It's okay to be, wherever you are. If the other person has a problem with where you are, it's their problem. Of course, it gets more complicated if you have a problem that they have a problem ...

And ... "relating" is gender neutral ... If you mean romance or sex, that's different (for most people.) Do you share anything with other people (which I guess is another way of asking whether you have friends)?

It's interesting how most people don't put a work environment like customer service in the same category as social contact, despite how much of it is person to person ...

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