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Out of sorts



Strange day. Not much to do at work; you can see I've been kind of monopolizing the forums instead.

It's like I'm waiting for something to happen. The apartment's empty, the commute's longer, there's nothing to do at work except worry that there's nothing to do at work, but I have to stay late to make up for taking off on Monday so I could get into the apartment ...

One of my brothers is going to bring some stuff over while I'm at work tomorrow, so maybe I'll have actual dishes. And my bed gets delivered Saturday; I'm on the floor 'til then.

I need to learn how to cook, too, once I have some pots. The only kitchen appliances I've used so far are the 'fridge and the microwave! :-) I'm a culinary master, I tell you.

Yes, no deep significant thoughts today. I think I used up my one for the week, yesterday.


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And it's kind of nice to think that there's at least one subscriber to my blog. Even if is it just Google's crawlbot, busy indexing the entire world as it becomes available, and even though it's also subscribed to every blog on here.

I mean, this way I'm at least as famous as everyone else in the universe.

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