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first week of school done and....



it was a pretty good first week i must say. i have had my ups and downs all through it, but mostly ups :o

i like my classes (most of them) and my schedule, and i am glad i can see some of my friends once again.

Gonig to be pretty busy this weekend, so ill be on today to conpensate for that.

Today, i saw something in my child psych class that made me sure that i am leaving ASAP. i'm not sure if i mentioned all of my responsibilities here, but they are as follows: the class is basically more of a babysitting/teaching class than a psych class, so the name pretty much lies. It is "our" job to help them with everyday tasks so that we can learn how they think and react to things and how they develop in different ways and at different rates. we are responsible for feeding them, basically doing most of their teaching, playing with them, recording a lot of what they do, and sometimes taking them to the restroom and even dressing some of the more mentally handicapped ones, so that we can learn about the limitations about disabilities....

That is too much. Today was the day that i realized that i am definitely getting out of that class even if i have to flunk out of it, which i hope will not be necessary. While i was walking towards the classroom, i saw a little boy of about 3ish leaving the bathroom with his pants down and only his shirt and underwear on correctly. I was a bit triggered by this and the teacher noticed this and said that it gets easier, but then i reminded her that i was switching out of the class and she told me to make due for the time being then.

but other than this the school week went off pretty much without a hitch.


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I love the oatmeal so freaking much :o

I'm glad that your week went well and you like all your classes. It sucks that you're stuck in that "psych" class for a few more weeks though.

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i know, but im confident i can make it through it all and then into another class with similar credits, right now im still eyeing that spanish AP class, but i am looking for others to replace it with.

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hey pseud,

its going pretty well i dare say, yesterday i was working a lot on homework and am finishing up now. we were supposed to be riding rides at a fair today in another county, but we arrived there and there were literally no rides there whatsoever, only booths and advertising tents, so i wanted to leave immediately and waited until my mom was convinced there was nothing good to do and finally decided to head off homeward.

first week down, and only a few dozen more left to go :P

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