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OK today



I can feel some bad times coming on. This could be a signal that I'm going to relapse again but for the moment I can see that certain things I'm doing are designed to put me back in that space.

Last time I tried to white knuckle my way through it, didn't work. This time I am going to try making sure I take care of my physical well being and see if the rest doesn't flow from there. The need to focus is that there is so much to do and I will get overwhelmed if I try to keep track of it all. Yet I'm doing much better now than a week ago. Trying to stay out of the drama but right now I'm seeing myself very irritable.

I've been able to counter that so far by focusing on the positives. For example I was pissed about getting stuck in traffic, but at least I wasn't in the accident that was backing things up. Also I was on my way home so I wasn't in trouble for being late to work. When I look at the things that are working compared to what's a mess, life is pretty good.

Punk Rawk:


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