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Cymbalta note 2



Continuing to take in daytime. Feel a period of massive fatigue for about an hour and then normal again. Definitely feel more level. Maybe a bit overstimulated which might mean wellbutrin can come down. Sex drive is severely diminished though. Was too high anyway. Hoping it doesn't go all the way away though.

Clearly my creativity is down too. Not sure if that's a depression thing or a cymbalta thing.


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My experience with Cymbalta left me with a massive case of fatigue as well, but I had to take it twice a day, so maybe I was on too high of a dose. I'm not sure. But I took it for about three months and experienced profuse sweating, rapid heartbeat, nervousness, foggy headed, inability to concentrate, and crazy dreams. I've had a few family members on Cymbalta for fibromyalgia, and they had similar reactions.

I all could very well be the Cymbalta, though I've taken Wellbutrin as well, and it actually depressed me. Could be a number of things. Write your side effects down and talk it over in detail with your doctor. Maybe your dosage just needs to be adjusted, or maybe you can actually go off one medicine. I hope things work out for the best.

As for the sexual issues, I know it's frustrating, but they come with most antidepressant medicines. My husbands doctor recommended missing a days dose when you know you may be sexually active to prevent the side effects.

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Thanks for your input. I feel like I'm concentrating better so maybe that's a good sign for me. It is a little scary as I've heard it's rough to get off of. I don't want to be walking into another addiction, but having a med that works without turning me into a zombie would be pretty cool.

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