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I'm feeling a little vindicated today after the last blog I wrote and how I feared my family situation is messing my kids up. I just found out my oldest daughter has made the cut as a 'gifted' child. Basically means she's an out of the box thinker. Well, I already knew that. But I didn't know she was at the 99th percentile for it! That means she'll go through a special program for gifted students. I had already planned to check out a special arts school next week. She's only 10. She's thrilled. And of course I am. Wonder what her therapist will think. I've had her in a couple of self-esteem building programs because I felt she needed them. I've also tried to get her better socialized (a tall order for me, a social outcast - although it does make me particularly able to spot trouble and head it off for her at all costs) Perhaps Mom's not doing such a bad job after all:rolleyes:.

In spite of everything, she is still able to blossom:).


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Thanks, Jai - yes I am very proud of her. As I write this, I'm sheepishly thinking that part of her 'gift' is putting up with her younger sister. She says "Mom, look at it this way - at least you only have to put up with her half the time. I'm with her ALL the time."

Soooo....One down, one to go....

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