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Finally feel a little relief. Maybe meds are working again after upping the dose on Abilify. Mostly I have been too busy to be depressed. Possible to become workaholic this way but I have no family depending on me anyhow. Still having thoughts of suicide often but at least I have energy to move and interest in doing things. This is a big change from the past few days where my main hobby has been random internet surfing just to keep me distracted enough to make it to bed time without taking an overdose or something. Luckily I am a pro at distraction so this doesn't take much effort.


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Ralph, I work with sensory disturbed kids in the schools, and though that seems tangential, just want to pass on some things on the scant chance they could help with your dizzy symptoms...

press down on head and blow or inhale forcefully through hard pursed lips slowly

heavy proprioception, like putting heavyish things on you (not crushing!!!)-- similiar to the effect of a nice strong hug

heavy work, using the large muscles in effort while breathing as easily as possible-- maybe isometric because of the dizzyness? Try pushing down the wall. The jaw muscles can help-- big wad of chewing gum for example.

put something extremely sour in your mouth-- a warhead, a lemon wedge

Is there a chance you have vertigo? a condition where there is some junk in your ear that is causing the symptoms and you need to actually move your head around to work it out? That happened to me a few years back.

There is also a therapy for working with your eyes and movement to tone up your ability to process vestibular input that you could try when you are feeling better so you would be less susceptible to symptoms. I actually got rid of a lifetime of carsickness with a few exercises!

Just want to help, Ralph. Sure hope you are feeling better :o

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Awesome :o thank you. I will keep this for future reference as the dizzy spells seem to be staying with me.

Now that I'm used to it though it's less panic inducing although it is stressful. I think the physical effort ones might be why I feel better in the gym. What's the therapy for working with your eyes called?

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It is a branch of vision therapy.

Are you able to do these exercises?

It's overwhelming how much is on youtube, and who knows the quality, but a few of these could really help, and this one looks good. Of course it depends on what your issue is, and you would need someone to diagnose it. With care, you could figure some of it out yourself learning about the vestibular organ in the inner ear. Once I learned I needed to move my head more, not less, and get the fluids moving, I was braver about the whole thing.

Hope that is a start for you! :o

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