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moving into positive territory



Meds seem to be working, also therapy and meditation and exercise and coping strategies... jebus this is a full time job just keeping my act together, but it has its rewards. Maybe that's normal and I simply have unrealistic expectations. Well, being crazy and all I don't suppose that's terribly improbable.

The neat thing is I cooked today. Cooking is a hobby of mine and usually the first thing to go when that loss of interest symptom starts kicking in.

When I can make it from start to finish preparing a meal instead of just making a protein shake and having that with some junk food, then I tend to be on the upswing. Cooking takes so many things that I just cannot do when I'm depressed, like planning, sticking to a sequence of steps, paying attention, timing, etc. So when I can do it I know I've got some relief beyond what I subjectively feel. Next goal is to find a yoga studio. Can't just do DVDs because need a teacher to spot when I've got myself out of alignment. I could use DVDs as a supplement but still need to go to class to get used to the way the poses feel.

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