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Past few days I have been too depressed to even write. Now getting better, for a while at least. Mainly using distraction but realizing I need to get caught up on self-help type of stuff. Haven't read CBT book in a while. Also reading a book on contemplative prayer and healing, so far really interesting.

I think it's the Abilify but my mood has been in a very narrow range. Don't feel as depressed, but no interest in sex (which is highly unusual for me:o) and have to force myself to do much besides lay on the floor staring at ceiling. Starting to realize I cannot deny my way out of depression and I've got some real work to do. Want to try meeting a goal again. Still need to learn that one song, so I'll try again to get it under my belt w/in three weeks. That gives me to Feb 5. Wrote it in my new planner. I'm being all grown up and stuff. So why do I feel like I'm just lying to myself?


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