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Guidelines for life. January 31st, 2012; Entry 3.



I came accross a paper I wrote for Psychology my junior year in high school today, and I had included a few guidelines for my life in the writing. I have not followed the guidelines I wrote, partly because I completely forgot about them. But hopefully I can start doing so. When reading over it, I realized, "Shit, I should have taken my own advice a loooongg time ago."

I thought I'd share this with everyone. Enjoy.

1. Laugh until you pee your pants, then change clothes.

2. Take all the hate from your enemies and turn it into love for your friends, energy is never created nor destroyed, it just changes forms.

3. If you don't take risks for the things you love, you have never loved.

4. It's not where you are, it's who you're with.

5. If you aren't willing to give all you've got to others, most likely you are taking too much.

6. You'll always realize who your real friends are, because when you fuck up, they'll still be there.

7. Any decision you make is indirectly good, because you either choose the right thing or you learn from the wrong one.

8. Getting upset over silly things does nothing but make you depressed. So keep your head up and think positive.

9. Happiness cannot be defined, because everyone finds it differently.

10. If you aren't changing, then you aren't living. A stagnant mind may as well be no mind at all.


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Those are good rules to live by Kayla. We all neglect to take our own advice. It's either an ego thing or a self esteem issue. We are usually quick to say I told you so to others but we rarely tell ourselves. Also, we measure our self worth differently so what we mean to be words of wisdom for others we don't always see as being THAT wise because it came from us.

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