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What now



Im trying to stay positive,but the pain and sadness are still here.Its like I will never escape from them.:(Somethimes I think maybe I deserve eveything that happen to me.I want to support people around me,but now I see I cant even help myself.


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Hi Andromeda,

I am so sorry that you are feeling down. I saw that you helped another member who was suicidal by writing a nice and caring post. No, you don't deserve to suffer or to be in pain. Most of us here are struggling every day. We are here for you and we care. Be kind to yourself, Andromeda.


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Andromeda I believe that we feel pain and suffer problems so that we may help others who experience similar problems. To say that you can't even help yourself is merely an admittance that you also have needs. We reach out both to help and to be helped. If we did not than what use would we have for each other?

I hope you feel better hon :)

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