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This family



I feel so tired to live with my parents.I cant take their fights every day.I just want to runaway,but I dont have other place to go.Atmosphere at home is terrible.I love them,but they make my life so stressful:(


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Hi Andromeda,

Sorry that you are struggling right now, Hun. I used to live with my parents for a loooong time before I got married and it was pretty tough. Felt like I had no privacy and could not do what I wanted to do. Do you spend a lot of time at home? I used to hang out with my friends a lot. Plus being at work all day helped as well. Weekends were pretty tough though.

Hang in there, sweetie. Things change.

Now I only wish that I lived closer to my parents :D

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Well I understand when they fight with me.But when they fight each other and neighbours come and say they will call a police if my parents dont stop I have to do something to stop my parents not only because of neighbours,but for their own security too.My mother was injured one time and my father too

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I think Im safe.All my life things were like this and I know what to do when situation become really bad.I just dont have to be around them.Just wanted to say how awful I felt when I was little.I never told about this to people aroud me.I know I have to be more strong now because of my brother.I want he to be more happy than me

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