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I will not, cannot, should not trust you...

Krasnoi Zvezdy



Why should anyone be talking to me if they've shunned me!?

Guess that doesn't make me a member...

Don't you fucking dare try and talk to me!


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But I do not speak Russian...

I want to learn though, but sorry, I cannot speak it yet...

It's not like I don't trust you, there's only a few people on here that I'm mad about...

Don't take it personally...

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I thought you did. Your nickname is Russian. Sorry. I am not taking anything personal:) would it help if you tell why you are upset?

Btw, your nickname means Red Star in Russian :)

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@ Lana

I know it's in the rule book, but I wasn't suppose to post anything until I was 16.

I was told that last year by a person, a guy, and he said something along the lines of, "Oh, I'm sorry. But you can't post anything on here because you are to young, and the boards include sexual content."

I find it funny, because I now have an addiction that I can't stop with arousal.

Something that I'm ashamed of, by the way.

I was pretty much rejected because of my age, and it really hurt my feelings. I was actually suffering Major Depression back then and I just felt discluded from everything...

Other than that I chose the nickname after I saw pictures of red stars on the towers of the Kremlin, and so I came up with it. It was also suppose to represent the Soviet Union, as a rememberence of Russian history.

I sort of feel like a phony for having a Russian username and people think I'm Russian. I'm just an obsessed fan of the country.

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Well I am 100 % Russian and it gave me a very warm feeling inside when I saw your nickname.

I am sorry you felt rejected, unfortunately those rules apply to ALL members. It was not personal. We are a very supportive community, KZ.

You are more than welcome share your concerns here. I was not myself when I joined this site and met many wonderful people from all over the World.

Why don't you start fresh? :)

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I'm sorry you felt unwelcome because of the rules of the forum. But, unfortunately, it is a rule so we have to enforce it. I see where you said you were struggling with major depression. I know that depressionforums.org has a lower age limit than we do. Maybe that's a place you would find helpful until september when you participate here????

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Well, at the risk that your entire message was directed at me ...

I'm sorry, KZ, and I was sorry then. Our site rules don't mean that people younger than 16 can't have sexual problems, but that the risk of them being exploited is much higher. Perhaps your own experiences in life support that.

I know it probably sounded like a personal rejection, but that's really why it's a published rule, so that you'll know that it's not personal. It has absolutely nothing to do with shunning.

Oh well, I dared to try to talk to you. I wish I could've helped, either then or now.

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