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I feel like total human failer.When I think about last 4 years I see myself like nothing.I lost most of my friends,I cant fight with OCD,I have this scars on my arms from burning myself,I feel guilty,insecure and lost.My family is sure Im worthless.I think they are right.I feel pain and saddnes.Maybe I dont deserve someone to hear me.Im trapped:(


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Feeling trapped is horrible but feeling trapped in misery is THE worst. I feel your pain. Sure, I know my worth but doubt creeps in when my (in)significant other goes on a rant about my worthlessness and calling me mean and ugly things. YOU are most certainly not WORTHLESS and you ARE something. This is not just me saying... I have read your interactions with others here. You are a vital part of this operation, you are well loved here and your compassion and insights are appreciated and respected by the other members. You are a lovely person. Everyone slips or backslides from time to time in one respect or another. It's okay we are all human.

Don't ever doubt that you are a pretty great human :)

Take care of yourself Andromena it will get better

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I’m so sorry, sorry, sorry that you feel this way!

(Some people don’t like it when I use the word sorry in this way, but that is how I feel, maybe from the way the word was used when I was growing up. Sorry doesn’t just mean an apology, it also means expressing sympathy, and that’s what I mean. It comes from the same root word as sorrow.)

I wish I could help. Thanks for posting, to let us know how you are. It’s terrible that you needed to hurt yourself. But scars are only scars. Your body has healed and you can, too!!!

I’m so sorry that you feel guilty, insecure, and lost, and that your family is unable to see you worth. As frazzled said so well, we do, though. And other people in the world will eventually. Just keep on keeping on, and keep us posted!

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Of course you deserve someone to hear you. Maybe more than those who have someone to hear them, because your need is more.

See, personally, I think of "total human failure" as more like someone who brutalizes other people for pleasure. As far as I can tell, the only person you're harming here is you. I hope you can at least take that much credit.

With that thought in mind, maybe you can see that although things might feel very bad, they might not be as bad as you think. In other words, you might get the courage to question what you're thinking, and try to get help.

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