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It's interesting the way a site like this can become like a family. Identifying with each other's problems, trying to figure out what to do when fights break out, watching each other make up, new arrivals and people drifting away. A mirror for us to see how we handle such things in this small world, before we try them out there.


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Hi Malign, I like your blog! I just wanted to say that I enjoy this community cause I feel like I'm part of something, and for the socially impaired like me, :) it's a good place to interact with others

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I would like to ask you a personal question...if that is okay. if you don't want to answer, I will understand. On an earlier post you talked about going to the hospital. what did you say? how did they treat you? sometimes I feel like I only have two choices. and I don't want to end my life. I want to feel better. okay. several questions, but you found the courage to ask for help and I am coming to this site to find a bit of my own courage....you are very inspirational to me and I love reading your posts and blogs...

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