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Get on with it



I think IamLove said it best, "Who am I and why am I here?"

I speak up on here, maybe out of turn, maybe to deaf ears, partly to answer that question. I find myself asking it a lot, lately, and not finding much else in the way of answers. Perhaps I should quit listening for some voice (would it make me more sane if I heard one?) with an answer and get on with it. An unexamined life may not be worth living, but I bet there's such a thing as an overexamined life, too. Balance in all things.


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True that!

I am surely the over-examiner and over-scrutinizer of my own life. Balance with action once you have identify some of those thoughts that are draggin you in the dirt is a way to deal with it... Amongst other exercises, and heck I suppose physical exercise of some sort does help as well...

Over-analizers unite!



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yup, big time!

You know what? Regardless of all the pain and suffering, and the panties tied up in a knot so tight [haha!]. I am convinced that I can untie the knots, and that most of us can. I mean, ya, I'll probably always be me, hum, ya, what am I trying to say?... No I mean, there is a lot that can be done. In time of distress, I analyze my dark thoughts, and in better times, I strengthen my good habits, and I note how good I feel, like 'note to self' like: hey! hey you in there, you feel good, look at that, remember that, it doesn't always go bad, I did get myself out of this hole, etc".

I think we can shape what we are inside, just as we can shape what we are outside. We can argue all we want, but despite illness and personality 'traits', we can put ourselves in a position to be happy. Not happy, googoogaga, but, content, and joyful in an humble way.

I read your other posts, the one about the hospital stay and such... Well, I don't know how you feel right now, good, or not so good, but regardless, if your situation permits it, I think therapy would probably be a good avenue to untie these knots. The hospital stay acted as the safety net, but more can be done, I mean, if you want to...

Frek, not that I think my dad is the greatness, heck, he did create lots of harm and pain, mental and physical in the family, but, wow, I got to say, about 15 years ago, at 51, he pulled himself out of a lot of crap. He stopped drinking, he lost 50lb, seek therapy, apologized, drastically reduced his OCD and violence... I mean, now I can actually talk to him on the phone without having to say: 'dad, I am going to hang up now because you are yelling! I am sorry'...Anyway, I am actually very proud of him. He refused to seek help all his life and finally got his panties untied for the most part. And then there's my mom, in a similar situation [they divorced 20 years ago...], where she was all jealous of his progress for a while, but she was in a much better place mentally then he was... At any rate, her anger at him finally pushed her to help herself, she also lost 30lb, dances now, travels, buy clothes that look good on her, allows herself to consider herself attractive, got support and pulled herself out of depression about 10 years ago... Now I have two well functioning parents! woohoo!

What that tells me is that I will not give up, I will continue till I am in my death bed, with my granny panties untied. FOR ME!

I don't know. I guess all I am trying to say is go for it! keep on keeping on!



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