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The needs or whatever



So I went to the therapist. Only problem, is she can only see me during the day time?! Hum, what if you have a f* job? Sigh. Anyway, we'll cross that bring when we get there...

For now, I have homework.


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hey tourdelove, maybe when you get a job you can go during your lunch breaks? I hope that you continue to see your therapist and you can work out the scheduling, it's so important! Good luck and don't forget to think positive :)

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Yeah, I know, thaks for your message... It's just that, you know, I only usually get a 30min break for lunch, plus I don't necessarily want to come back to work looking like I had a good cry or whatever. But we can hopefully work it out...

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Yeah, sorry, no I am ok, It is just always a bit emotional when I go to the therapist. But I am ok! Thaks for your good words. I know I will feel better soon! You know, I post a lot of what comes to mind here and it is not always miss optimism that come out, actually it's rarely miss optimism hahah! But all in all, I am good and getting better. The last rays of afternoon sunshine are shining on my windows now and it make me feel like spring is here and I'm on my way to better days.

I;ve got a lot of work to do, sure, but it's ok by me. I want to do it!



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I'm glad, you made me nervous. I guess cause you're always so positive when you reply to me but I guess it's easier to be positive towards others than it is to ourselves. I always feel funny when I try to give someone else advice cause I guess I feel like if I don't have myself together, how can I even try to tell others what they should do. I don't know, but I try :)

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Yep, it is a bit like that, it is a bit easier, with some detachment in a way, to be insightful about others situation then your own. I suppose yah, you know ,we all look up to someone and value their advice when we see that they are 'together', which is a good thing really, I mean, i certainly wouldn't want to go to a therapist to later find out she is a drunk for instance! Ah! that would suck!

but, I do appreciate your insights Star, and I don't think you're a phony. I hope you don't think I am. :)

But all in all, I don't expect, or even remotely desire that someone take my insights at face value. I hope I can been helpful, but sometimes I do miss the target, and I am sorry I do so... Sometimes I don't feel so hot... And there is a reason I am here as well, I mean, I am not here because I only want to support others right? I am looking for insights as well.

So, ya, your insights and support are appreciated, keep them coming. It's all good....

let me know if my insights are missing the spot though...and I will try and correct that.



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I don't think you're a phony tour! I am happy to hear your input and I think you give good advice. I know you need support, and I read all your blogs, I find your thinking fascinating, such effort into sorting yourself out. I will try to give you as much insight as I can, I just worry that I'm wrong, I don't want to say the wrong thing. But I am happy to try! Thank you for your kindness! :)

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