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oh gawd, here we go again!




So, I went for 2 interviews this morning and one seemed to have gone very well, and then the other, I kind of got all nervous and didn't understand the question and was a bit spinning my wheels! it's the second time it happens to me with that question! It's extremely weird, I don't know why I answered so poorly... Anyway, here how it went:

The girl was asking what I would do if someone asked me to do an unethical thing at work! And I answered, good at first, I said I would ask for details and then if it;s unethical would not do it, but then I was struggling!!!! cus I thought they ment demolishing walls for previous rooms that were not supposed to be there due to the fact that builders do that a lot here!

Now I am afraid that I blew it!!!! I really really wanted to work for them!

I have never done anything unethical at work, let alone in my life for crying out loud! Why the heck did I answer in such a weird way?

And, it happened a long time ago as well, in an interview for a sales position, I was asked if I would report a person I "think" I saw stealing! And, again, I stumbled! F and F. What the heck is wrong with me??? I said, I would check with the person, and if I judge that they were in fact stealing, report it to the super.

I know why I stumbled: it's because I am not a snitch. I don't freakin report people just like that because I 'think' they are doing something wrong! I check first!

But now I am really, really worried! I feel so bad! I just hope the girl can see through my miscommunication and disregard this stupid answer. I just doubt she will though because, the last time, I am pretty sure I didn't get hired because I didn't give a straight up answer!!!!

I could have responded way better, and I know I will in the future! I just can't believe I did that!

The next time I will say:

I would never jeopardize my position with a company to do something unethical as I have confidence a good company would not ask such a thing! If a person inside the company would ask me such a thing, I would report them to the super!

Thing is, I would in fact never jeopardize my position for such a stupid thing as even taking something that doesn't belong to me! Never done it, and never will! And this answer right here, came to me in less then a second! So why couldn't I respond well?

Why was that so difficult? Why oh why? I feel like such a dweeb!

sobbing now.




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You know, one of the best things about this place is that you get to see people doing to themselves the things you do to yourself without realizing it. For instance, I beat myself up like this all the time.

But if I had a job for every interview I messed up, I'd have twice as many jobs as ... wait, that didn't come out right. ;-) Anyway, I've messed up plenty of interviews. Sometimes, I've gotten the job anyway! That's because if a company wanted employees who never screw up, they wouldn't be advertising for humans.

Give yourself a break. You deserve it.

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I know, and thanks M for your quick answer, I really needed it! It's just that the job market is so slim right now here! I feel like I let the guy who gave me an in for this job as well! He doens't know me that well and probably can't do much more to vouch for me!

I know I should give myself a break. I am so much harder on myself than I am on other people.

I will forgive myself, it's just that it's so vivid right now, and I am so scared I won't get the job... and feel such regrets! I can only move forwards I know that but frek, I am so embarrassed, anxious and uncomfortable right now. I need to take deep breaths, as I need to go to the next town now to meet yet another foreman, that I don't even think needs helpers, and I have lost all my confidence at the moment!

anyway, thanks again!


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M-mm, yep, ya You did Malign! Ha! thanks! You knew, right? They called you first and said: "check this out, we're going to turn this freak around, hey?" ;)

No, but seriously thanks for the support!

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