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Basic needs, bonuses, and dreams



This is the first exercise that my therapist asked me to do. I have been thinking about it for two weeks now, and I am going to start writing down what are my basic needs, the bonuses - stuff that isn't essential but would be great, and my dreams [how to fulfill them]. I guess, one key thing she mentioned is to try and be specific [how long, how often..]

Basic Needs:

1] 8-9 h sleep

2] 6 glasses of water/day

3] 30-45min of physical activity, 5d/week

4] A safe, clean, comfy place to live

5] Love, belonging within a group of friends, family, like-minded people

6] Self-esteem

7] Being the 'best' I can be

8] 3 nights out/week with friends or activity partners

9] 6 small healthy meals a day

10] 2 nights by myself/week

11] waking up/going to bed at approx. the same time everyday [from 5:30 - 8:30 and 9:30 to 1:00am]

12] No smoking

13] less than 6 alcoholic beverage a week

14] Regular visits to dr and dentist 2times/year

15] brushing teeth 2times a day

16] shower once a day

17] Relax do fun activities [massage, movie, dance]

Bonuses [enhancements to my life]

1] A partner

2] A good car

3] Skiing


Plans, Dreams, Goals

1] Get a small house

2] Get a tacoma pick-up

3] look great [loose 12lb, to be back to my original body]

4] run a half-marathon

5] stop smoking

6] get my trade

7] get a life-partner

8] do an artshow


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