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Less Dangerous?



Well, the preliminary protective order expired today, assuming she let it, the way she promised (in writing) to do. Supposedly, that means it will disappear from my record as if it never happened.

I guess this means I'm not a danger to society any more. Will anything change for me as a result? Probably not. She's still occupying the house, which is okay with me because that means there's someone to maintain it. She has already changed the locks, so unless I change them again, I'm at her mercy for when I can go get stuff out of the house.

I wish I could feel forgiven. I guess that's going to be my job, forgiving myself.


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Well, forgive me. please?

this seemed empty, but what I really meant was, I send you my good thought in hope that you can and will forgive yourself, and that your ex has enough strength to do so too. Letting go is incredibly hard. I know that much. So I am with you on that.

I was somewhat mean to my best friend boyfriend tonight. And I have a hard time with it. So there. I ask for forgiveness as well as it was unacceptable and childish.

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You need not be forgiven, malign. I think you're a good, conscientious man who has the courage to reach out by sharing his life with others. You're very admirable. If there is something that you feel must be resolved, then I am sure you will find the right course of action.

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