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Okay, I've been plumbing the depths enough lately. (Interesting word, in this context, "plumbing".) I think I'll take a bit of a break for an extended bout of moodiness.


There. Now I feel better. Kinda.


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Well, I hear you brother!

You know, I really dig how you can still be funny in the midst of not so fun things! That's some serious style right there!

Hope it's kinda sunny on the east coast

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If you can't laugh, what're you gonna do?

Well, post, of course.

We're in for an extended bit of sunny, but we were starting to build an ark there, for a while.

Where've you been? Did you start work right away?

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Ya, you can post, and laugh hey? Seems like a good course of action to me!

Well, I started working on Monday, 10 hours a day, 4 days a week. When I came home I felt so tired, good tired though! Slept like a brick! Finally!

I am glad there's some sun too overthere. It feels so good to me, Especially the morning sun!

Now I feel good for the most part...Of course still going forward with the plan of seeing the therapist regularly [although she canceled this week and now I feel all anxious...]. I did something stupid at work yesterday, and now I feel anxiety a lot! So much for ethics [shaking my head at me!] I'll post in my blog... You'll see. Sigh.

But regardless, I admire your capacity for humour for sure! That sure is a powerful skill to have in the back pocket!



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Wasn't aware bricks slept. :-P I'd hate to see them wake up.

Four 10's is work, all right, but you get three off. (My brother's a nurse; they'll work three 12's, I don't know how.)

Though I don't know the details, my knee-jerk reaction is to be honest, if you did something stupid. As I said before, if they wanted the infallible, well then, advertising for humans was their first mistake.

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I know, but, really, in all honesty, THIS WAS stupid. But thanks for the kind words, and the great humour, cheesewiz, you are truly funny, do you hear this drum roll and cymbal ring after each one of those fast ones? I sure do!



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