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Bad News from Pdoc



:eek:Yesterday I saw my Pdoc. He had the results from my recent bloodwork. He said he is very concerned because my kidney function is less than half of what it should be. Plus my creatinine level is too high which means something is going on with my kidneys--something is actively causing their destruction.

I'm only 57 so this is very serious. This news coupled with the bipolar is eating me up. The meds aren't going to help my kidneys any--especially the Lithium.

I am totally bummed out, on the verge of a good cry and I want to hole up in my room and sleep my life away.

I'm so tired. Two steps forward and 5 steps back. I don't know what to do at this point.:eek:

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Please do not feel too bad about this, journey. In a sense, with the bloodwork, your doctors are now able to address the situation that is unfolding in your body. Now you can ask your doctor what course of action must be taken and properly address the problem. Certainly, the results of the bloodwork do not seem positive, but there are still things you can do to find a good balance between your prescriptions, your health, and your mental health as well.

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