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Day of Cory's Internment



What is it with this day? It's been raining all day, my baby girl skipped her afternoon nap, and just an hour ago, she was throwing a tantrum like someone possessed because she didn't want to go to sleep. It was like something went out of wack that ruined her sleep schedule. Come to think of it, she and I both woke up late this morning, and things haven't been normal for us since.

I didn't get much done today (well, on this day much more so). We were watching the funeral mass for Cory Aquino live on TV. I was telling my 2-year-old daughter about Cory, and that the many many people out there were saying goodbye to her. I was even pointing out that the rectangular box wrapped with the Philippine flag wrapped around it was Cory. I don't know if the things I said mattered to her, but I felt I couldn't just let her watch the TV with me without saying anything. Then of course, she had her usual kiddie DVD videos.

Now that Joe and my daughter are asleep, I am the one who's restless. I don't know if it's restless feet, my rheumatism, or the guilt that I didn't care enough for my daughter the past few days. Or maybe it's the funeral, or the fear of what the future might bring us.


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