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September 13 late morning



Well I was able to go back to sleep after an hour of internet. I had another set of weird dreams, though I can barely remember the details.

Sunday, time to kick back and relax (yeah, as if I had anywhere to go during the weekdays!). My daughter is watching sesame street videos in youtube, and I'm sitting right next to her busy with my own computer.

I told myself I'd try not to nap today and see if I can sleep straight the whole night again like the other night. Maybe the trick is not to get too tired too early in the day. So I shouldn't be doing anything that will tire me out before the afternoon rolls in

Oh, goodluck with that..:).


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I used to go brisk walking, and at some point tried exercising with videos. But that seemed a long time ago...

I feel my exercise now is composed of cleaning around the house (when I get to it) and sometimes walking to the meat market and/or the supermarket.

But mostly it's working around the house and taking care of my girl (I often still carry her, which she loves, even though she IS getting heavier----she's turning 3).

I DO want to go back to brisk walking and my videos, but not until I have decluttered my entire house.

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