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a story and the dream that inspired it



a story

I woke from my dream, lying naked at the edge of a small river. My clothes it seemed, had deserted me some time during the night. Odd, but Before I had time to contemplate the meaning of it, another thought invaded my head, FOOD! Alas, it was nearly noon and my stomach was rumbling louder then those god awful trains they have in those "civilized" citys like new york and london. My clothes would wait for now, food was a priority. I set off from the river traveling east deeper into the valley. I stumbled along looking for something edible, nuts, berries roots, maybe even fresh meat if I could manage it. Two hours later my efforts were rewarded. I found a carcass with flesh still hanging from the bones. What ever had killed it must not have been to hungry after all. I will spare you the grusome details of my feast, but I will tell you this much, I have never tasted meat as fine as that, nor have I ever been able to identify which animal it came from. Full and satisfyed I decided to return to the river, in the hopes of finding my clothes somewhere along the way. I must have take a wrong turn for the river i found, it was not the same river whose banks I had slept on the night before. This new river did not bable, it did not lap at the shores in the rythums lost to man and his idot children. It frothed and bubbled, rocks jutting out here and there, shooting water high into the air for the current was strong enough to move mountains. There was nothing I could do now though, the sun was beggining to sink behind the mountins, night time was dangerious in the valley of giants. It was then that I heard it. No, in retrospect I felt it. Calling to me, pulling me by the hand like some child on his way to the candy store. Against my better judgment I began to move upstream, snd then into the forest. After an hours worth of hard running I felt a change in the air. My destination was close, I could feel it but where. I had come to stop in a small clearing, and for the first time I questioned what I was doing here. Something was amiss, the woods reeked of sex, I had made a mistake, I should not have come here. As I turned back, something caught my eye, It looked like a woman. I thought with the wrong head and before I knew it I was within 10 feet of her. I saw her clearly then, and she me. The world came crashing down

the dream

I woke up on the banks of a river, feeling refreshed and empowered. I got up, and it was then I realized I had on no clothes. This should have bother me, but like I said, I awoke refreshed and empowered, besides, there was no one around. I had the woods all to myself, so what if I was naked? The sun was already starting to set, but that didn't bother me too much, the night was more fun anyway. I began to head upstream, it was then that I heard her. At first the sound was nothing more then a wailing of sorts, haunting, even enticing. It was coming further up the river. I rounded the next bend in the river and there she was sitting atop a rock at the rivers edge. She was beautiful and naked =). She began singing then, no longer the crys and screams, but beautiful words.I couldn't understand them, but I didn't need to. It invoked such a sadness and pain, it was like nothing I'd ever heard. It was true beauty. I don't know how long I stood there, listening to this sirens voice, but when she finally stopped I was struck silent still. She noticed me then, and called me to her. her skin was tanned and taut across her body. Her hair a hue of redish brown. But it was her I could not stop looking at. One was green and one was blue. She took me into her arms as though I were a child and sang to me. When her song was done, she spoke to me. She told me many things, brilliant stories about everything you can imagine. It was then that she began to cry. I tried to console her but she simply pushed me away and continued to cry. Finally she stopped, she began to tell another story, she was telling my story. She told me I would wake soon, and that one day, I would be given a choice. To live out my life, without hope, or love, without a soul mate. or the chance to die, so that those I loved would be able to live, and so that I could meet my soul mate in the great beyond, where she promised me she would be waiting. I awoke with a start.

I am unsure wether to expand on the dream or the story, any advice helpful


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