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So Much For "Daily"



Heh, well, so much for "daily" ...

Friday was a bear. A bunch of work that I hadn't finished (and wasn't telling anybody) caught up to me, and I ended up getting angry with my supervisor, though not at him, really. I just can't feel motivated when I'm this under-utilized. Have I contributed to that? I guess; I don't go hunt for work, that's true.

Work just adds another dimension to my confused and depressed state, at the moment. Just not sure which direction makes any sense. I know what I want to get away from and where I want to go, I just don't which actions will get me there. Maybe it makes sense to just start taking some of the actions that I know will be needed, without worrying so much about the order or whether I've figured out what they all are, yet.

So I was busy with work until late on Friday, and didn't have a chance to put anything in here. But, the rest of the weekend went fairly well, really. I made myself clean my apartment, in chunks, starting with the bathroom and kitchen, so I felt a little better about showering and cooking. I even went for an hour or so's walk on Sunday, which was a change.

Basically, by the end of the weekend, I felt like I had retaken command of the situation, at least. I still had trouble getting up to work, but the good feeling is still there for me to call on, so I feel pretty good right now. Thanks to all of you who worried and who worry about me. It makes me feel loved, even when I wish you didn't have to do it. :-)


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you give me worry warts :)

I'm just kidding, it's good to have people to worry about, or care about. You care about people for a reason, so it's nice when someone gives you a reason to care about them. If I make any sense.

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I think it would be sad if we didn't worry.... worrying about you means we're your friends and you are loved and cared for. That's a pretty cool thing in my book and hopefully can give you strength and hope when you need us to lend a hand. :)

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