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It keeps on getting better



So today..where do i start?

ah yes there's the little incident about my mum being assaulted at work..i want to kill the fcking btch :mad: ..ooops my nice language again :)

then there's the little matter of my sons g/f and my grandson about to lose there home!

They're going to come live with me, which in fairytale land is lovely..i get to see my grandson everyday help out etc but in reality is actually not quite that lovely!

what will really happen is i will become a 24/7 nanny,have extra cleaning to do..they havnt quite yet worked out that used baby bottles, pop bottles, crisp and chocolate packets etc dont belong on the living room floor! that smelly nappys do not belong in the kitchen bin, that its not usual to cook chips noodles or whatever at 1 am or expect the cooker to clean its self ..to expect the 'nanny' to rummage around the bedroom looking for their dirty laundry, to understand that the weekly shopping is meant to last for the week not 2 days..arrgh this is going to drive me nuts! and thats only a tiny part of it.

I'll also have to deal with their constant arguing, my son storming off to his friends, leaving his g/f Antonnia pissed off with me and Toby (my grandson)

the chances (probability) of the police knocking at my door looking for my son or searching my house have just jumped up by about 80% (nope im not exaggerating!) though i should be used to that by now! last time it was the cid, before that it was the anti-terrorist squad bursting down my door (dont ask!) sheesh life is soo dull!

what was it i was saying about my life being like a soap opera? hmm :( more like a thriller!


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