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My life is like a soap opera!



I honestly dont get it, all my life there has been something going on..never a dull moment lol i really cant recall having a single patch in my life that hasnt just rode along without some kind of incident, i could write a book about it one of the popular true story type ones, it would be a best seller! its a pity i cant write lol, Tory hayden would have nothing on me!

And it's never anything good always the miserable morbid 'bad' stuff.

im not feeling sorry for myself or whinging im just amazed that if anything can happen you can garauntee it will happen or have happened to me in some way lol

if somebody were to ask me..have u ever done 'this'? chances are my answer would be yes.

if somebody were to ask me..have u ever tried 'that'? chances are my answer would be yes.

if somebody were to ask me..have u ever been in 'that' situation? chances are my answer would be yes.

if somebody asked me.. has 'this' ever happened to you? again chances are my answer would be yes!

this sounds really weird but because of the way my life has always gone i know murder is going to be the way i will die lol...i dont have a fear of it i just know thats how it will be,i ve known it since i was about 20.

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Hi Donna,

Maybe your just getting all the bad shit first, who knows maybe the next couple of decades or so you can be one of them jammy people in life that only good stuff happens to :(

hmmm, what would ya call your book ?

or you could write your own soap :)

You can write perfectly fine hun, (or you could just dictate it all into one of them machine thingys, and employ someone to write it for ya :) )

ok, im confusing myself even more now, erm so gonna stop typing any minute now................

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