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Letter to My Brother in Botswana




Kamusta na? Sorry talaga hindi kita nabati agad! Work is a little toxic so all I ever think about is getting home and sleep.

I'm still struggling at work (since all is new to me). It's completely different from my 1st call ctr job. We were told it's one of the most complicated accounts that call agents ever handled. The acct is DISH Network, satellite TV programming?

Anyway, I was getting too tense I had to get a RX from Banaag for a tranquilizer to help me relax during calls (Altrox, 250mg). It has helped a lot, along with my reg. meds. Since then I no longer feel like I'm being choked or I can't breathe deeply. I hope I will get used to this work soon. I hate having to go through it, but I know I have to.

Enough about me, how are you? How's Botswana? Is it a beautiful place? How's the weather? Are the people nice? Tell me everything. I hope you're not too lonely there since you're not w/ your family. I'll be praying for your success in getting the job there.

I gotta go, I'm at work, but I took the time to e-mail you. It's the least I can do! I hope to hear from you soon. Take care now.




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