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The Courts are Crazy!



Years ago I lost my son solely based on the fact that I was BiPolar they called it Manic Depressive then.

I became depressed signed myself into the hospital. In return I was declared unfit and my 3 yr old was ripped out of my arms and I was slapped with a child support order.

The courts made me over pay nearly $7,000. For the past 5 yrs I have been trying to fight this.

I had a hearing today where the Magistrate basically said tough luck.

She allowed my exhusband to talk about me as if I were a crazy inhuman subhuman species as if I were some kind of dog.

It was awful. It was brutal. He was cruel. The things he said were lies. It had nothing to do with the case at hand.

She let him go on and on and on. Finally I couldn't bare anymore. When I spoke up on my behalf she told me to shut up or she would have me removed from the courtroom.

I looked at her shook my head and said And yall call me crazy?

That was such a farce!

The nerve of me wanting my money back from a man who use to beat me for breakfast lunch dinner and a midnight snack.

A man who took my child from me and never allowed me to see him.

A main who lied to my child.

A man who brain washed my child.

A man who did everything he could to destroy my relationship with my son.

That bastard better be glad I'm on medication right on.

I cannot believe this day but this too shall pass.


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Hey Vicki,

My heart goes out to you in a milliion and one pieces. Im so sorry that "W" (and I so hate that word) has your son and was allowed to say such total BS about you in court, this is the sole reason that nukes are invented, Im just waiting for them to make minature versions, coz like 3 guesses where I'd shove them ( and i am so very serious on that one :)

Reading this blog, well my eyes are leaking, not sure in all honesty whether they are for what you going through and experienced or for myself and what Im going through, probably for both of us.:)

Im in the process of fighting through the courts for the eventual return of my 4 babies, I had to put them in temporary foster care when I first re lapsed and went to hospital, now the "B" wont give them back and are trying to force me into putting them up for adoption, ~ like over my dead burning body I am ever going to agree to that one.:mad:

Ok Im on a whinge now and have just remembered this is your blog ~ sorry hun.

Oh and by the way ~ the courts are crazy, do you mind if I also add, social services are insane, and social workers really havnt gotten a flipping clue :mad:

Take care hun, im sorry


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Hey Sue!

I'm just reading and returning to my blog. I wish you the very best of luck and prayerfully the court system in England and this era and time will be different and more kinder.

And if not that more just and more fair. Its been a long road. A very unfair one. A very unjust one.

They - meaning the courts rapes my Social Social Disability Check my W2 forms all my sources of incomes for yrs and yrs and yrs.

It was sad - solely based on I am BiPolar.

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Hey Vicky,

By the sounds of it our system is just as unfair, unjust, backward and ridiculous as yours :(

I dont have much chance of getting my babies back, in fact very little at all. Not because I have been a bad moma, but because of my BPD, Ptsd etc, the card they are playing on me is Potential Emotional Harm or Distress, in other words incase I relapse and become ill really ill again, even though this is my first relapse in 15 years. So obviously they are now classing me as an unfit mother.

They had put my children back living with their papa, (on a trial period) hes a jerk, and i had him prosecuted for Domestic violence, coz of what he did to me.(putting it politely) but thankfully that didnt last long so now my babies are back in foster care. they should of listened to me and my solicitor but no they have there own oppinions on things. (IDIOTS)

So now well, im stuck in a court legal system, that honestly needs to be bought out from the dark ages, especially where mental health issues are concerned.

Our country is supposed to be so damn big on child protection, yet it hasnt got a bloody clue. Its my children that are hurt most in all this :(

I truely hope with all my heart that things become easier for you hun.

And truely pray that one day, your legal system comes to its senses and returns your children to you .

Take good care


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