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I'm now taking calls with the regular employees as well as the probationary employees. Hopefully I will make it till the end of my contract which is in April of 2010.

I now belong to a group of 8 agents, more than half of which I think are regulars. Our shift starts from 5PM and ends at 4AM. It's been a 4 by 10 sched since the start of the Holidays, but after New Year we'll go back to the normal 5 by 8.

So far, my team has been nice and supportive of us new comers. My coach (supervisor) is, fortunately, VERY nice. I'm thankful for them, though I still feel the hours have been long. I cried to my husband over the phone the first night. I wanted to quit right there and then, but my husband tried to reassure me, and asked me to give it til the end of my contract to think about it. So I'm still hanging on. There are bad calls and good calls. Right now, I feel I can barely manage my stress and shake off the bad calls. I have to remind myself of WHY I'm here----my family. I hate this agony, this anxiety of getting the call where I have no idea what to do, and the anxiety of angering the customer because I take too much time handling their concern. I hope I ease up soon.:(


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Hey Anne :)

Your soon get the hang of taking the awkward calls hun, it will just take time for everything to click into place thats all.

Keep trying hun, I know its tireing, but you will get there.

Your doing really well, crumbs you only graduated last week, give yourself a break andd try not to be so hard on yoursellf :)

Oh, and when things get really stressful remember to BREATHE (it kinda helps) that and counting very slowly to 10, it stops ya screaming though it may take up to the count of 20 if its a really stressful call. :)

take care


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I guess I have to take it one day at a time. Focus, focus, focus....My stomach is feeling queasy again. :)

But thanks, Sue, for your support. Hope everything is well with you? How is everyone here? See you later...

Hugs, Anne

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