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Lost day



Goodmorning everyone!

Yes, that's right, I woke up an hour ago with pain and I know this is going to be a lost lost day. I'm going to make a delivery call and stick to the tv inside my blankets, though I really shouldn't spent any money and I should make the houseworks starting today.

The reason for not spending money is that I have ordered for a new cap and this cost I won't avoid when they call me to say that it has arrived, moreover I have some serious spending to do for Saturday that I'm having my birthday having.

The reason for not sitting is the party again! I want to make my home as clear and welcoming as can be and not the other way round. Anyway, maybe I deserve a little lazyness when I am ill, don't I?

Well that's all for now though my day starts...now! So my positive thought for these two days...

I love me and that reflects on the face of everyone I see. I "gain" people fairly easy.


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