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Kaisen part two



Unconditional Love

No one is entitled to my unconditional love, not even my life partner, with the exception of my children first, and then my close family (Siblings, Mother, and Father). This means that I accept that these bonds are eternal regardless of the harm that as been done to my person from their actions. I accept my responsibility as a member of a family and:

Contact them on a regular basis (at least once a month) and express my love often through visits, phone calls, and letters and to enquire of their well being. I feed my family constructive, uplifting, useful interactions regularly. Ensure their wellbeing and offer my help in a constructive manner, offer financial and emotional support when required and constructive and ask nothing in return.

Here are my three elements of genuine friendship:


I carefully select trustworthy people of good character as candidates for friendship.


From that pool of candidates of good character, I select those whose company delivers mutual enjoyment for friendships of pleasure.


From that pool of candidates of good character, I select those whose company delivers mutual tangible benefits for friendships of utility.


My relationship with the universe at large is Reality.

I ruthlessly apply reason to the business of living.

To the best of my knowledge and within my ability to do so, I act in harmony with its nature. My mind bases decision and course of action on facts (sensory data); priority; or in rare cases, urgency, according to facts. To the best of my ability, I acknowledge and consider carefully my own emotional responses and the one of others but base decision on facts as much as possible.


I learn the proper principles of living, then follow them regardless of unwarranted protests from either my own or others’ emotions. Practicing integrity based on rational principles leads to self-preservation, while attempting to practice integrity based on mystical principles leads to self-destruction.

Honesty: I refuse to fake reality or to pretend that facts are other than what they are, and recognize that pretense can neither erase an existent nor create one. I do take others feelings in consideration in the delivery of ‘truth’ and apply gentleness. I apply fully integrated honesty based on facts of reality rather then mysticism, I smash mysticism mercilessly. Because the ultimate standard of value is individual human life, moral principles are absolute within their proper context. Thus, lying to obtain cash from an honest and productive person is morally wrong, while lying to protect one’s children from kidnappers is morally right.

Justice: I judge people’s character and conduct objectively and act accordingly, granting to each person that which he earns. I adhere to the trader principle by encouraging good (life-enhancing) behavior and discouraging evil (life-diminishing) behavior Because what really counts in life are the virtues that support life, one should praise and support virtues first, and combat and brush aside vices second. I do this using a toolbox of proportional strategies that range broadly from recognition and high praise of people’s best virtues to constructive criticism of their questionable actions to outright condemnation of their worst vices when I perceive it helpful. Moral judgment can only be passed on observable behavior, not psychological problems. I identify individual human life as the standard of value and the individual’s own volitional reasoning and property as his proper method of sustaining that value. I use reason to reach my moral estimates through two steps: first, identification of the relevant facts; second, evaluation of those facts by reference to individual human life as the standard of all values. Through good judgment, I fill the following roles:


I must use Self, Self-Esteem, Reason and Purpose to maintain the self at all times. In addition, Vitality and Brilliance act as my highest optional ways of esteeming the self. Kaizen also serves my personal growth in all areas. I interact alone with the universe to sharpen the saw and to earn these values.


To fulfill my stated mission in life, I work. This role feeds my Passion, Brilliance, Wealth and Confidence.


I seek constantly to build my Wealth through a wide range of rational investments, valid economic values, that do not come into conflict with my value of other human life and the environment, to the best of my knowledge.


My moral purpose in life, like that of every human being, is to prosper and to live happily through achievement of my explicitly stated Mission to enhance the human experience by my actions through work and social interactions.

Productiveness: I adjust nature to suit my needs, always beginning with the end in mind and putting first things first. I constantly acquire knowledge and shape matter to fit my purpose, translating my ideas into physical form. Through thought and action. When dealing with others of known or potential value, I think win-win, seek first to understand, then to be understood, and, wherever possible, synergize my efforts with those others. However, I do not suffer fools gladly; instead, I dismiss their false, arbitrary, or irrelevant assertions with a wave of my hand and a hearty “Bah!”, thus optimizing the use of my most precious commodity, time, the stuff of which my life is made. I break through barriers to my success through integrated thought and action. I consistently affirm to myself, “I will not be denied.” To those who satisfy the virtue of Justice and augment my Productiveness, I offer the virtue of Benevolence, which consists of three component virtues:

Civility: I act toward them in a civilized fashion.

Sensitivity: I seek to understand fully their context.

Generosity: I give them the benefit of the doubt within the bounds of reason.


I enjoy the results of leading a rational life in an orderly and thus effectively benevolent universe.


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