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kaizen philosophy and values - harsh but true part 1




My Vision for my own Self is to live a rich, rewarding, satisfying life. This demands the rigorous practice of the ultimate virtue of Selfishness which consists of these component virtues:

1. Self-Acceptance: I plant my feet firmly on the ground where I am while accepting that I have new places I desire to go.

2. Self-Assertiveness: I honor myself and my values in thought, word and deed. I exercise authority only over myself and expect others to do the same.

3. Self-Responsibility: Only I can take responsibility for my destiny. I accept this responsibility with joy and expect others to do the same.


I know that I am able to live and worthy of living my explicitly stated Vision:

Pride: I am committed to achieving my own betterment for my benefit and the benefit of others by shaping myself into the image of my own chosen values, sharpening the saw in all areas of life.

As a person of high Self-Esteem, I consider myself able to live and worthy of living. As a result, I consider myself able to achieve and worthy of achieving the following governing values:

Self governance:

I am ultimately my own best friend and I swear, that I will never live ultimately for the sake of another nor ask another to live ultimately for mine.

I oppose initiations of physical force, threat of physical force, and fraud.

To the best of my ability and knowledge, I recognize mistakes, personal addictions, dysfunctional habits, physical or mental illnesses and physical or emotional harm that I have done to myself and others and by order of priority, I quickly take action to remedy my wrong doings and illnesses.

I take pride in myself and when I find myself in unhappy social settings, I have both the capacity and the right to exercise that liberating “walk away” power, meaning: this is not what I want to be exposed to. Next! I focus on my own mind. I chose to avoid gossip, damaging others reputation, and lying to better my position.

Physical Health

To the best of my knowledge, I act purposely to keep my body in peak performance.

I feed my body useful nutrients and exercises every single day.

This also include practice of leisure, rest, relaxation and humor.

I view properly practiced relaxation as a productive art.

I comprehend the distinction between being merely active and being genuinely productive and embrace the principle that activity does not equal accomplishment.

I reject the high-stress “cram all you can into every day” lifestyle in favor of a more calm, cool, integrated and life-affirming approach.

Mental Health

I act purposely to keep my mind in peak performance.

I feed my mind constructive, uplifting, useful knowledge every single day.

I ask empowering questions to get empowering answers that feed my growth, ability, and productive capacity.


I practice continuous improvement. I know my desired outcomes, take action to achieve them, notice quickly what does or does not work, and change my approach as required until I achieve my desired outcomes.

I achieve this value through employment of the industrial 5S standard:

1. Sorting: I put away in an orderly manner what I am not using.

2. Sweeping: I maintain the cleanliness of my work area as well as my person.

3. Simplifying: I make a distinction between what I need and what I do not need, then discard, sell or give away what I do not need.

4. Standardizing: I employ standard parts and practices across the board wherever feasible.

5. Self-Discipline: I discipline myself into promptness by keeping my thoughts, attention, and energy totally on the task at hand.


I feed my net worth constructive, uplifting, useful financial decisions every single day.


I grow in my excitement as I achieve my dreams and fulfill my personal needs and goals. I make no apologies for my desires. I possess the natural right to pursue happiness.


I expect success in many areas of life, and face challenges head-on.


I respect each of my fellow human beings as an end in himself rather than as the means to my ends. As a result, from that very large pool of beneficial relationships I can select a much smaller number of relationships to experience deeper forms of bonding.

Love and friendship

I realize the value of my deep relationship as I chose them. I give every possible kindness and generosity, and never take our relationship for granted. I regularly praise their virtues of kindness, sweetness, caring and beauty.

I am grateful each day for the existence I enjoy, and lavish this appreciation on those who contribute to that joy. I form friendships with those who share my values so we can mutually enjoy intimacy. I select as friends mature and independent people who take total responsibility for their lives and their emotions, and I never accept responsibility for handling the emotions of another person -- only my own. I give freely to those who will use my gifts morally, wisely, and productively. I feed my social group constructive, uplifting, useful interactions every single day.

Interdependent relationship between spouses

I perceive serious relationship with a member of the opposite sex as exclusive, long-term and as an adult agreement where I offer and demand the same quality of relationship as above but on a more concentrated basis, and with financial partnership. Everyday, I also offer and demand display of meaningful affection, and sexual interaction. I offer and demand faithfulness.



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