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ok so far so good.... My head has cleared up . I cant believe that horrible feeling of just heavy fog weighing it down. I think you all know that feeling???

I know I feel good and boy I hope it lasts. I do not know how I will react if I go down again. Each cycle gets harder and harder to accept.....

Hope everyone has a good day.... :)

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Hi yes they had a great time and they had a great time having Mom coaching them from the bleachers.... I havent coached in 4 years but they know to listen to Mom. Yes , I'm the sports mom especially softball I have coached all my girls for I think about 18 yrs now. I played in college so thats my sport...

I am feeling good but I feel me going right up like climbing the roller coaster, click by click.... not good because this is what happens and then I dont sleep become manic and mixed and the cycle just keeps repeating...

But, I actually walked into my laundry room!!! My husband soes the laundry cause I cant even think about it but anyway I tackled the sock monster!!! yes imagine all the socks I have:):) I have a system but no one wants to even go near them!!!

Ok off for a shower and I hope I sleep tonight!!!

Talk to you tomorrow.... :)

How are you????

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hey linda

The sock monster, oh geez you have a system ~ what is it ?

my four babies, oh gosh i was forever loosing just one sock out the pair :) and more times than not would just end up with a pile of odd socks at the end of each day ~ my babies like taking there socks of and make sock bunnies, kinda real funny but then when they moved onto playing something else, the socks would go flying off there hands and get shoved anywhere ~ for later.

although part of me reckons the washing machine eats them too :)

I think im ok, fighting the need to do shit i shouldnt be thinking about, just a lowper day again. tomorrow might be better ~ for all of us I hope

take care


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Hi Sue ok well for me my system is simple. I buy the socks, I each give them a different style or color, So when I have a basket of socks I know who's is who's because I bought them!!! Some of my kids like the little no show socks and if another likes them then we just get different bracns or colors. You know like hanes with the purple bottom another with blue etc. Another likes the mid ankle socks and then it is so funny , I have taught my kids well to be strong and confident about there feelings and they are so proud that they now buy the craziest looking socks and wear them mismatched!!! Thats what they like now!!! so one is wering a black sock one is wearing a white sock or the girls like the crazy stripes, polka dots etc so they have created there own survival skill by NOT wering the matched up socks...

So it's interesting... and yes where the hell do those socks go!!! If yours are littel, just buy that lingerie netted bag and put them all in there..... My kids are bigger....

Yes well I have been up since 4am ok I got about 6 hrs sleep thats good but its going to be a long day and if I can get my brain and body to do the same thing I should be good.... good luck to you!!! hope your day gets better for you.....:)

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