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Wee cough ;-) [Week off]



Well, after being informed of my mother's Friday evening death on Sunday afternoon, I "decided" to "take Monday and Tuesday off". That is, I went to bed, without food or water, for two days.

Luckily, my wife didn't leave me, and I had a doctor's appointment for Wednesday that I honored. He suggested Abilify for bipolar disorder, and I started taking it.

Now, I know it's probably too early to feel significant effects, and all, but at least my wife and her kids were supportive over Thanksgiving. It was a pretty good weekend, overall. So who knows ... "Turn the page", maybe.

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Now I get your Mom comment of today...

I am sorry to hear of her passing and even sorrier that you had a delay in receiving the information. Elaborate if you care to...

I am happy to hear of your family support, and yes, a couple of days may not be enough time for the Abilify to reach max effect! But I must say, in just a couple of days on Lamictal I was feeling better, partly because I had been untreated for so long is my guess...

You and yours are in my thoughts.


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