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Easy habit to lose



It's very easy to lose new habits. I realized this morning that I had forgotten my new medication last night, for instance. Too, it was hard to think of anything to write about, today, but I find it helpful to write, so I'm doing it.

Maybe the only thing harder than losing new habits is deciding to form them in the first place. Reading the self-help section of the Topics here, they mention the importance of making a formal plan and reviewing it often. Haven't done that. And I can feel the impulse (!) to do it fading away.

Part of it is the feeling that things are transiently better in my life, and that I have to give the Abilify time to work. But the truth is that there's no reason not to keep working, and in fact, life being easier should help to do the rest of the work.

Complacency. Must fight it.

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Ok - so this is the 2nd entry of yours that I have read and I again identify....hmmmm

I have been trying to stay consistent with my meds too, and it is a bit hard. I had to write them on the calendar because I am stepping up in doses and am afraid I will lose track.

Being newly diagnosed and so freshly remembering how BAD I felt just a wk and half ago, I have good incentive to try to comply with meds.

I am a nurse by profession and I can't tell you how many times I have said, "If they would just be compliant with [med/regime/whatever] they would feel so much better " (good example, diabetic noncompliance and resultant negative outcomes)

I have fibromyalgia also and have experienced my negative outcomes to noncompliance but I have a feeling that if I am noncompliant with my Bipolar stuff I will have FAR MORE negative outcomes....so I hope that I can keep on keeping on...

I haven't explored the self help stuff on this site much yet...sounds like I should.

I was started on Lamictal and went to that website and they had some great forms, like diaries where you can track your cycles from lows to highs... I printed off a few and then "NEVER COMPLIED" with starting them.... I like your statement..."complacency, must fight it" (one of my lifetime, ongoing issues) I am going to start that log TONITE!

Another thing I had started was just plain old journaling - I hadn't done that in years and it actually was kinda helpful...I haven't complied with that in a few days, either... better hop to that also!

How are you tolerating Abilify? any side effects? Are you on any other meds? I am on my second week up stepping up on Lamictal and doing pretty well so far, so headaches but that seems to be all so far. I have a couple more weeks to go until "therapeutic range". I am hoping my practitioner will put me back on Cymbalta this Fri when I go see her also, my lows are still pretty low, not as bad, but I think I am ready for antidepressant now...will see...

I hope you don't mind my ramblings...Let me know if ya do, cindy

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