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Can I Keep This Up?



This is the second day of my two days off. But this February I'm going to lose one of my day offs because of the mandatory overtime and it will be an extra day for 8 more hours. The client (a satellite TV company) is enforcing this enterprise-wide, we were told.

That meant less time for me to contribute to cleaning the house (not that my husband is contributing, since he's already holding two jobs: taking care of our girl and manning the net cafe w/c is just in our house.) That also meant less time to do the laundry as well as spend time for myself. I have to manage to do all of this in one day off.

Oh, and this overtime is going to be until April, the time that my contract expires.

And what's more frustrating is I can't tire myself out, unless I want to sink into another major depression.

Maybe the message for me is to face reality that we can't do everything ourselves without wearing ourselves out. Maybe I need to get a maid who can come in to clean the house weekly (compared to other countries, maids are a lot more affordable in our part of the world).

If only I can convince my husband...


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